Malta Arbitration Centre

Date: Aug 05, 2016


4 January 2016  extended to 15 January 2016 - Deadline for collection of RFP document.

6 January 2016 - Latest date for submission to the PU of requests for clarifications by Prospective Proponent.

18 January 2016 - Latest date for responses by the PU to requests for clarifications made by Prospective Proponent

29 January 2016 extended to 12 February 2016  - Deadline for the submission of RFP Proposals.

current statueProcess
  • Awaiting deadline for submission of RFP Proposals.
  • No submission were made by Proponents.

Current Status
  • The Privatisation Unit (PU) is examining the possibility of recommending the reissuance of the RFP. However this will depend on the extent of interest by prospective Proponents.