Casino Concession - Extension

Casino Concession - Extension

Date: Mar 05, 2021

In terms of Procurement Policy Note # 13 issued by the Department of Contracts (‘DoC’), the Privatisation Unit (‘PU’) is hereby extending the deadlines for the Submission and Opening of Proposals in connection with the Request for Proposals for the Concession to Open and Operate a Casino in Malta by one (1) day due to Easter Recess.

Submission of Proposal – Thursday 8th April at noon 12:00pm (CET)

Opening of Proposals –   Thursday 8th April at half past noon 12:30pm (CET)

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 restrictions, only 1 person from each Proponent would be allowed to enter the premises to oversee the Opening of Proposals. You are kindly being r​equested to observe all social distancing and mitigation measures as issued by the Superintendent of Public Health.​