Concession for the Design, Development, Construction and Operation of the Horse Racing Track in Marsa

Date: Aug 05, 2016

19th June 2015- Issuance of RFP document.

19th June 2015 - 9th October 2015 - RFP collection period.

30th October 2015 - Deadline for submission of Proposals.

  • One RFP Proposal has been submitted by Marsa Race Track Consortium.
  • Evaluation and Adjudication Committee (EAC) has been constituted.
  • Proponents were invited to attend the opening of the Proposal, which was opened on 16th November 2015.
  • Technical sub-committee has been constituted to analyse the technical aspect of the Proposal received.
  • The financial aspects of the Proposal are being analysed by the EAC.
  • Proposal being evaluated by EAC.

Current Status
  • Evaluation of Proposal has been completed and negotiations with Proponent have commenced.