National Lottery of Malta - Clarification Questions & Responses

National Lottery of Malta - Clarification Questions & Responses

Date: Sep 17, 2021

Clarification Questions and Responses

In response to the issuance of the RFP document in connection with the Concession for the Rights of the National Lottery of Malta as issued by the Privatisation Unit (‘PU’) on the 30th July 2021, all Proponents in possession of an authenticated copy of the RFP document were invited to lodge enquiries in connection with the RFP document and/or the RFP process by 1st September 2021.

 In terms of clause 3.2 and sub-clauses therein, all enquiries received by the Privatisation Unit were thereby acknowledged, and responses thereto were made in writing and circulated to all Proponents by the 15 September 2021.

Submission of Proposal

 All Proponents who have collected an authenticated copy of the RFP document, shall be invited to submit a complete Proposal in accordance with requirements set forth in the RFP document.

 The established deadline by the PU for the submission of Proposals is on or prior to the 8th of October 2021 (12:00 hours). Each Proponent assumes full responsibility for the delivery and deposit of the complete Proposal and supporting documentation, including the Financial Offer and the Bid Bond, as prescribed in the relevant clauses of the RFP document by the aforementioned deadline.