White Rocks Malta

Date: Aug 05, 2016

Below is a list of the Proponents qualifying to proceed to the Request for Proposals ('RFP') stage after having submitted their Expression of Interest for a Concession for the Design, Build and Operation of White Rocks Malta.

Each qualifying Proponent will be contacted by the Privatisation Unit  and invited to collect the RFP document as soon as it is available. Those invited to collect the RFP document will be able to submit their proposals for the White Rocks Malta project.

The qualifying Proponents are:

  • Mediterranean Leisure Resorts Consortium
  • Li Guancheng Group
  • BIB JV
  • London and Regional Properties
  • Madliena Tower Consortium
  • BAK Consortium
  • Viceroy White Rocks Consortium
  • Kid Shellen LLC & Riviera Developments
  • Man Brothers Arabian Group (UK)
  • International Trade Holdings Company K.S.C
  • Trebee Company Limited


  • Work is being carried out to compile a land usage report. This report is being prepared with the assistance of the Faculty of Architecture, University of Malta.

  • The land usage report will be used as input to the RFP document.

  • The land usage report has been completed and the RFP document is being drafted. It is envisaged that the RFP will be issued in the month of August.

  • Qualifying Proponents have been invited to collect RFP document as from 11 September to 30th October 2015 (12:00 Hours CET).

  • Submission date for RFP Proposals from Proponents is 11th December 2015 (12:00 Hours CET).

  • Evaluation and Adjudication Committee constituted on Friday 11th December 2015.

  • Openin​g of RFP submission of Proposals was conducted in the presence of the Proponents on Friday 18th December 2015.   

  • Two Proponents submitted a Proposal namely White Rocks Development Company and International Trade Holdings Company (ITHC).


Current Status
  • Evaluation has been completed and the preferred bidder has been selected and notified.

  • Negotiations with the preferred bidder will be undertaken as soon as certain administrative issues are addressed​. ​