Casino Concession

Casino Concession

Request for Proposal for a Concession to Open and Operate a Casino in Malta 

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RFP Document:​



Government Gazette

 (advertisement issued on Friday 19th February and Tuesday 23rd February 2021)​



​​​Government Gazette

 (advertisement issued on Friday 5th March and Tuesday 9th March 2021



Clarification Questions Clarification Questions.pdfClarification Questions.pdf


The Privatisation Unit, acting on behalf of the Ministry for the Economy and Industry​, is hereby inviting Prospective Proponents to submit Proposals for the opening and operation of a casino in Malta. Prospective Proponents are reminded that for the opening and operation of a casino in Malta, the Successful Proponent must, in addition to holding the Concession, also hold a valid Casino Licence issued by the Authority in terms of the Gaming Authorisations Regulations.  

The RFP sets out, amongst others, details of the process and requirements connected with submitting a Proposal, and outlines information as to how Proposals will be evaluated.

The Concessionaire, as the person being awarded with the Concession, shall be either the Successful Proponent or a company which shall be established and registered in the European Economic Area by the Successful Proponent prior to being awarded the Concession and which shall be fully-owned directly by the Successful Proponent. The Concessionaire shall be:

Awarded the Concession for the operation of a casino in Malta and, accordingly, would enter into and execute the Concession Agreement; and

Eligible to apply for a Casino Licence in terms of and subject to the Gaming Authorisations Regulations.


The following timetable represents the chronology of events from the issue of this RFP until the deadline for the submission of Proposals:

Issue of RFP

Wednesday, 17th February 2021

Not later than 1200 hours (CET)*

Latest date for submission of requests for clarifications by Prospective Proponent.

Monday, 1st March 2021

Not later than 1200 hours (CET)*

Latest date for responses to requests for clarifications made by Prospective Proponent.

Wednesday, 17th March 2021

Not later than 1700 hours (CET)*

Deadline for the submission of RFP Proposals.

Wednesday, 7th April 2021  extended to Thursday 8th April 2021

Not later than 1200 hours (CET)*

Opening of Proposals.

Wednesday, 7th April 2021 extended to Thursday 8th April 2021

Not later than 1230 hours (CET)*