National Lottery of Malta

National Lottery of Malta

Request for Proposals for a Concession for the Rights of the National Lottery of Malta


RFP Document:​



Government Gazette

 (advertisement to be published on the Government Gazette on Tuesday 3rd August and Friday 6th August 2021)​



It is the intention of the Government, through the Ministry for the Economy and Industry, to award a ten (10) year Concession for the National Lottery Games through an open competitive RFP Process. Accordingly, the PU, acting on behalf of the Government, is hereby inviting Prospective Proponents to submit Proposals for the Concession.

Objectives of the Concession

The Concession will focus on the following criteria:

1. The proposed financial consideration for the ten (10) year Concession.
2. Policy considerations, including:
  • Increasing the economic and operational efficiency in the operation of the National Lottery Games in Malta.
  • Providing an entertaining gaming proposition which attracts consumers towards the National Lottery Games.
  • Making available, through a network of authorised distribution outlets, a range of regulated games, and allowing the public to participate in fair and properly controlled games of chance.

3. The focus on innovation (additional revenue) from new games or process improvements and new investment which is value added and not speculative, such as:
  • Making use of state-of-the-art technology, systems, and lottery expertise in the lottery market.
  • ​Improving upon existing games.
  • Potentially broadening the local market by tapping into EU markets and other jurisdictions, where this is possible.

4. The real effort on social responsibility (over and above what is established by the law), by maintaining a high level of integrity and public confidence in the National Lottery, whilst ensuring that the interests of every participant are protected.

General Process

The PU is inviting submissions for the RFP from reputable persons and/or entities with the necessary experience and resources to undertake such task.

It is important that prospective Proponents who are interest in submitting an RFP Proposal to formally register their interest with the PU by sending an email at, expressing their interest to undertake the task.

Once this initial communication takes place, the PU will forward a process letter inviting interested parties to collect an authenticated hardcopy version of the RFP document. The process letter will explain the procedure to be followed. A receipt will be provided to all those who have formally registered their interest and collected an authentic hardcopy version of the RFP document.

Only those who have an official receipt from the PU of their formal registration of their interest and collected an authentic hardcopy version of the RFP document will be permitted to submit an RFP Proposal.

The closing date for prospective Proponents to formally register their interest with the PU (through email) expressing their interest to undertake the task is Sunday 26th September 2021 (23:59hours CET).

The closing date for the submission of the RFP Proposals is Friday 8th October 2021 (12:00hours CET).​