White Rocks Malta

White Rocks Malta

​An International Expression of Interest for the Concession to Design, Build and Operate White Rocks Malta.



The Expression of Interest has the primary objective of exploring the possibility of implementing an up-market development project with the participation of the private sector at ‘White Rocks Malta’. Through careful development, this location can attract a high level of local and foreign investment that may significantly contribute to value added activities and thus to National economic growth.

The total planned location has an approximate area of 449,885 square metres (45 Hectares). The former White Rocks Holiday Complex and its grounds occupy approximately 135,600 square metres of land on the southern part of the site, which comprises roughly 38% of the total planned location.

The Expression of Interest is to have the primary objective of seeking modern, creative and innovative ideas from prospective entrepreneurs regarding the utilisation of ‘White Rocks Malta’.

The Development of ‘White Rocks Malta’ may be utilised for up-market real estate development that includes amongst others; Luxury Hotels of not less than 5 stars, Luxury units and a High quality lifestyle community village. The development of ‘White Rocks Malta’ will need to adhere toward sustainable development concepts based on green construction principles in the design, build and operation of the planned location.


Key Development Parameters

A consistent theme throughout the EOI document is the ecological and environmental protection of the planned location. For instance, the Planned Location Analysis within the EOI provides a description of the important natural resources which, according to the MEPA Planning Directorate (1995), are to be protected and conserved in any future development. Furthermore, the EOI clearly states that proposals for ‘White Rocks Malta’ must be developed in accordance with the Natura 2000 principles. One should note that Natura 2000 is not a system of strict nature reserves where all human activities are excluded. Natura 2000 endeavours to provide a balance between the “ecological and environmental” aspects and economic development considerations.

Additionally, the EOI document places emphasis on sustainable development. It specifically states that White Rocks Malta must be viewed as pursuing sustainable development and therefore will need to adhere to green construction concepts. The sustainable development goals are to take into consideration the outcome document of the Rio+20. Moreover, the EOI also specifies that the design, build and operation of the planned location are to adhere to international principles of integrated coastal zone management and be compliant with European Union legislation and other international law requirements, throughout the concession period. 

The above clearly demonstrate that the EOI establishes strict development parameters that proponents must take into consideration in making their proposals. Proponents (through the EOI document) are made fully aware of the restrictions that they need to work with if they are successful in the White Rocks Malta venture.

The message that is being consistently conveyed by the EOI document is that there needs to be a close union, blend and mixture (marriage) between the ecological and environmental considerations and the economic development of the planned location.

The White Rocks Malta development is to adhere to the following key parameters:

  • To protect and conserve the important natural resources on the planned location, including agriculture land ecological and archeological/historical areas and the undeveloped coastline.

  • To support the tourism sector through the promotion of Malta as an upmarket tourism destination;

  • To maximize the benefits to the Maltese economy through increased investment, tourism, business, opportunities, job creation and value added activities.

  • To enhance the planned location through long term sustainable investment and the modernisation of facilities;

  • To retain and improve the existing infrastructure on the planned location, including the internal road network and underground services;

  • To retain and improve the existing landscape components, including established landscaping and views into and out of the planned location;

  • To utilise the planned location with uses and quality development which conforms to the Malta Structure Plan as stipulated by the Malta Environment Planning Authority Structure Plan approved by Government; and

  • To provide safe and convenient access to the planned location, including adequate on-site parking. 

‘White Rocks Malta’ is part of the Government’s strategy to make Malta the best in the EU.

Interested parties should contact the Privatisation Unit by sending an email to whiterocksmalta.meib@gov.mt

Closing date for collecting the Expression of Interest document: 20th September 2014 (12.00 hours CET)

Closing date for the submission of the Expression of Interest document: 24th October 2014 (12.00 hours CET)