ETC - Community Work Scheme

ETC - Community Work Scheme


GoM is committed to improving the working opportunities and thus providing better gainful employment opportunities to all classes of employees. This aim may be achieved through schemes initiated by the ETC. To this end, the ETC has a number of workers registered on its books which it has encouraged to participate in its Community Work Scheme in an attempt to retrain them with the final aim that these workers become eligible and better equipped to seek gainful employment. The ETC is committed to enhancing and expanding this endeavour to provide workers participating in the Community Work Scheme with further opportunities to maximise their gainful employment prospects.

The ETC considers that the best way forward for these Community Work Scheme workers is to set-up a new entity with the specific task of employing these workers, thereby showing trust, confidence and commitment in their abilities and offering their services to a number of socially-oriented entities in society, thereby creating a positive social effect through their employment.The new entity is to be established as a foundation, entitled the "Community Work Scheme Enterprise Foundation (CWSE Foundation)”.

The primary objective of the CWSE Foundation is to take over and employ those persons currently enrolled in the Community Work Scheme of the ETC and/or any other persons which the ETC may deem appropriate for this purpose in the future, to offer to the Foundation, should the latter accept, and subsequently offering their labour services for a social purpose, notably to schools, Local Councils, NGOs and/or any other entity identified in writing by the ETC at advantageous and affordable costs.

The aims of the CWSE Foundation:

  • To increase sustainable and gainful employment for severely disadvantaged persons;
  • To provide the necessary training and support to increase the likelihood of employment for these individuals;
  • To liaise with the ETC in identifying the needs of these individuals;
  • To employ such individuals; and
  • To enter into contracts for services with social purpose entities in society as approved by ETC.


14th July- 31st August 2015: Collection period of RFP.
4th September 2015:  Latest date for submission to the PU of requests for clarifications by Prospective Proponent.
11th September 2015: Latest date for responses by the PU to requests for clarifications made by Prospective Proponent.
18th September 2015: Deadline for the submission of RFP Proposals.​