Outlet for Crafts, Art and Design at St John’s Square Valletta ​

​Request for Proposals: Design, Build and Operate an Outlet for Crafts, Art and Design at St John’s Square Valletta ​

RFP Document:


Government Gazette

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Issue of RFP

Saturday 15th June 2019

Latest date for requesting a site visit by Prospective Proponent.

Monday 1st July 2019

Latest date for submission to PU of requests for clarifications by ​Prospective Proponent

12.00hours (CET),  Friday 12th July 2019

Latest date for responses by the PU to requests for clarifications made by Prospective Proponent.

12.00hours (CET),​ Friday 19th July 2019

Deadline for submission of RFP Proposals:

12.00hours (CET), Wednesday 31st July 2019


The Government of Malta has the intention to utilise a site at Crafts Centre, St Johns Square Valletta as an Outlet for Craft, Art and Design and is inviting Prospective Proponents to participate in this RFP Process. The main rationale underlying this decision is the belief that the Site using a Private Public Partnership (PPP) initiative can be optimised to take advantage of business opportunities and generating greater awareness of the Maltese Craft, Art and Design among local citizens and foreign visitors at the centre of the Capital City, Valletta.

The Privatisation Unit on behalf of the Government of Malta is hereby inviting individuals, organizations and companies to submit a proposal as described in this RFP document for the Design, Build and Operate an Outlet for Craft, Art and Design at St John’s Square Valletta.


The objectives for the envisaged outlet for craft, art and design are the following: 

  • To provide an appealing presence for craft, art and design in the Capital City by showcasing products and hence to develop a spirit of strong appreciation of entrepreneurship, creativity and innovativeness. 
  • Educate the public about quality, design and creativity of the local products (Artiġjanat) and to be more attuned to what others can appreciate.
  • Enable the public to participate in and appreciate the values of Maltese craftsmanship.
  • Act as a hub of creativity wherein education in creative crafts involves people sharing their knowledge and skills with the intention of developing other crafts in the future.

General Process

The PU is inviting submissions for the RFP from reputable persons and/or entities with the necessary experience and resources to undertake such task.

It is important that prospective Proponents who are interest in submitting an RFP Proposal to formally register their interest with the PU by sending an email at privatisation.meib@gov.mt, expressing their interest to undertake the task.

Once this initial communication takes place, the PU will forward a process letter inviting interested parties to collect an authenticated hardcopy version of the RFP document. The process letter will explain the procedure to be followed. A receipt will be provided to all those who have formally registered their interest and collected an authentic hardcopy version of the RFP document.

Only those who have an official receipt from the PU of their formal registration of their interest and collected an authentic hardcopy version of the RFP document will be permitted to submit an RFP Proposal.

 The closing date for the submission of the RFP Proposals is Wednesday 31st July 2019 (12:00hours CET).