ETC - Provision of Document Management System Services


The GoM is committed to bring its range of services closer to citizens and service users. A key delivery mechanism in attaining this goal is to capture existing (paper or digital) Government forms, copies, hard bound files and other paper-based documents, to save copies of the documents as images, and to store the image files in the repository for security and quick retrieval. This is to be carried out to attain the benefits of a holistic Document Management Solutions system and also to minimise the adverse effects that the production and use of paper has on the environment.
Once in place, this system can be leveraged as a platform for further improvement in public service delivery to improve the operations and resource utilisation of the Maltese Public Administration. This will be the driving force towards further decreasing the administrative burden, offering more timely and quality delivery of service as well as contributing to the ongoing culture change within the various Ministries, Government Departments, Entities and local government offices.
The GoM intends to achieve a cost effective, secure and confidential document scanning and document management system services. This shall ensure that citizens will benefit from:- 
  • Faster and more flexible search – To retrieve files by any word or phrase in the document - known as full text search. 
  • Ease of access - To create electronic images of documents and storing these centrally. Hence, less time is consumed in locating the documents since they can be retrieved without leaving one’s desk and remotely. Users can also access other systems available from the desktop at the same time as retrieving documents.
  • Security – To remove the possibility of having confidential material or trade secrets lying around unattended in an office.
  • Access levels - To provide better, more flexible control over sensitive documents and to allow access to documents to be controlled at the folder and/or document level for different groups and individuals. 
  • Audit trail – To provide information about users who view/access items, as well as information about when, who modifies an item. 
  • Space savings - To reduce the amount of prime storage space required by paper. Scanning documents and integrating them into a document management system can greatly contribute to space savings. It also allows any documents that still have to be stored as paper to be stored in less expensive locations.
  • Opportunities – To provide employment opportunities, particularly for disabled persons.
The GoM aims  to attain the following strategic benefits from this RFP process and the eventual grant of the Concession Agreement:
  • Improved internal operations - All aspects related to the DMS and associated activities shall comply with ISO9002 standards or equivalent. The reduced time to complete processes provided by the tangible benefits shall improve the day to day operations of all functions within an organisation, leading to an improved flow of information, an increased perception of staff in their ability to tackle queries and tasks and a general 'feel good' factor.
  • Improved customer service and satisfaction - The same information that was previously stored as paper, can now be distributed to customers and target audiences electronically. Reduced response times, a more professional response, a more accurate response with more controlled processes reduces the time spent on 'manually' ensuring customer satisfaction and allows staff to allocate resources to other core public service activities.
  • Preserve intellectual capital - New or changed documentation can be 'pushed' to employees and no longer relies on 'hallway conversations' or 'round robin' e-mails. Information is not can be easily shared across departments and physical locations, thereby increasing the value of that information to various public service activities.