Fish Processing Plant - Fish market in Marsa

Fish Processing Plant - Fish market in Marsa

​EXPRESSION OF INTEREST: Concession for the design, construction and operation of a fish processing plant at the fish market in marsa.

The Privatisation Unit (PU), on behalf of the Government of the Republic of Malta, intends to proceed with the award of a concession on emphyteutical basis for a specified time, whereby the Government will be granting the first floor above the Fish Market auction hall in Marsa to a private sector operator to design, construct and operate a Fish Processing Plant. This will have an area of approximately 1,200 square meters. The area to be developed as a Fish Processing Plant for this project is located a few meters away from the New Fish landing base facility in Marsa that will be in operation in the near future. 

Objectives of the Privatisation

  • To develop, operate and manage on a timely basis the allocated area. The facility is to be run profitably and in a way that ensures that users and the Government are satisfied with the level and quality of the services and facilities provided to acceptable local regulatory and international standards and to assist the development of the Maltese economy;
  • To ensure that no revenue or capital support for the Project will be required from the Government, but rather to maximise proceeds to the Government consistently with the other aims being achieved;

  • To enable the facility to benefit from a private sector capital investment required,  thus enhancing their competitive stature within the respective sector; 
  • To permit, in the interest of competitiveness and long-term sustainability, the facility to be managed and operated in a leaner dimension and on the basis of private sector management principles and efficient work practices;
  • To complement the facility with the strategic commitment, vision and capability of experienced international players in order to tap new opportunities for ongoing business growth;
  • To ensure that future operations within the facility are supported by sustainable manpower levels, skill base and work practices as may be further developed through training opportunities; and
  • To maximize the spill-over benefits to the Maltese economy through increased investment opportunities, sustainable employment ​prospect and development of Malta to the fish industry activities.

The concession for the Design, Construction and Operation of a Fish Processing Plant in Marsa is designed to attain the following benefits:

  • To enhance the Fish Market area through investment of this facility. 
  • To maximise the fish and aquaculture industry value chain by rendering these sectors competitive along with those prevalent in the Mediterranean, as well as to attract new value-added services;
  • To maximise the benefits to the Maltese economy through increased investment and business opportunities related to aquaculture activities.

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