Maritime Hub

Maritime Hub

Government’s Vision for A Maritime Hub

The Government in line with its plans to activate the Maltese economy has launched a project to develop the site that was formerly occupied by the Marsa shipbuilding into a Maritime Hub. This development site which measures approximately 175,000m² is ideal for such development.

In undertaking to develop the Marsa shipbuilding site, investors will accept the responsibility to develop the facility to be run profitably and in a way that ensures that government and those using the facilities are fully satisfied with the level and quality of the services provided. The services to be provided will be to acceptable local regulatory and international standards and are aimed to assist the development of the Maltese economy. Furthermore, this will be a fully private sector venture that will inject private sector capital investment into the Maltese economy. No capital support for the Project will be required from the Government.

The Maritime Hub is designed to foster a varied spectrum of the maritime sector activities, ensuring that the goals of the European Union’s Integrated Maritime Policy, particularly the Marine Strategy Directive and a more Resource-efficient Europe within the Europe 2020 strategy, are adhered to. It is to maximize the maritime industry value chain by rendering this industry sector competitive along with those prevalent in the Mediterranean rim, as well as to attract new value-added services. Furthermore, it is to support the tourism sector through the promotion of Malta as a Maritime Hub and to maximize the benefits to the Maltese economy through increased investment, tourism, academic and business opportunities related to maritime activities.

The Government will be insisting with investors that the Maritime Hub is to abide by ‘green’ construction concepts (i.e. construction of buildings that consume less energy and generate less waste). Government’s vision is to see the Maritime Hub develop into a centre of excellence. The Government has identified four strategic utilisation options for the development of the site. These include the following:

  • Oil and gas industry and logistics (whole site allocation basis); or
  • Ship repair, heavy industry, yachting, and logistics (whole site allocation basis); or
  • Super Yacht Refit and repair facility and an offshore energy regional support base (whole site allocation basis); or
  • Servicing of yachts, supply of hard-standing facilities and other yachting services (part-site allocation basis).

The four utilisation packages are viewed as providing the best value added prospects since they foster higher human capital development and significant employment opportunities.

The development of the Marsa shipbuilding site into a Maritime Hub will adhere to international principles of integrated coastal zone management and be compliant with European Union legislation and other international law requirements. The Government’s overall target is to ensure that the project secures value for money for the Government and is to the benefit of the Maltese economy as a whole.

Shipping is part of Malta’s heritage and Maritime Industries have been an essential part of its economy for millennia. With few natural resources, Malta must continue to capitalise on its strategic location, sophisticated port facilities and deep ports to its advantage. Malta continues to serve as an important part of the Mediterranean hub and remains a top five flag for merchant shipping, hence this Maritime Hub project is compatible with Malta’s maritime heritage and with Government’s economic development plans for this sector. The maritime industry in Malta is vibrant and combined with its other strengths as an international financial service centre, Malta can be further developed into strategic centre for maritime business.