Natatorium Complex in Victoria Gozo

Natatorium Complex in Victoria Gozo

REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS (RFP): Concession for the Design, Build, Maintain and Operate of the Natatorium Complex in Victoria Gozo

The GoM has announced its intention to proceed with the award of a concession whereby it will be granting the identified Planned Location in Victoria Gozo to a private sector operator on the basis of a temporary Emphyteutical deed to design, build, maintain and operate a Natatorium complex.

The main rationale underlying this decision is the belief that, in the hands of a private operator, the Natatorium complex can be optimised to take advantage of invaluable business opportunities presented by the educational sports sector and a growing and dynamic health services industry in Gozo, particularly in enhancing the services offered to the public.


In its consideration in awarding the Concession for the Planned Location, the GoM aims to attain the following strategic objectives from this RFP process and the eventual grant of the concession:
  • To develop, operate and manage the Natatorium Complex Planned Location. The Natatorium complex is to be run profitably and in a way which ensures that users and the GoM are satisfied with the level and quality of the services and facilities provided to acceptable local, European and international regulatory standards and the FINA regulations;

  • To enhance sports tourism in Gozo;

  • To ensure that no revenue or capital support for the development, maintenance and operation of the complex will be required from the GoM;

  • To maximise proceeds to GoM and to generate employment;
  • To ensure that the Natatorium Complex will conduct the projection capacity required by the GoM;

  • To permit, in the interest of competitiveness and long-term sustainability, the facilities to be managed and operated in a leaner dimension and on the basis of private sector management principles and efficient work practices;

  • To complement the existing facilities and proposed expansion, foster the strategic commitment, vision and capability of experienced international players in order to tap new opportunities for on-going business growth;

  • To provide support to the national physical education curriculum;

  • To accommodate people with disabilities like mobility limitations, and include staff members with medical experience and physical therapy training;

  • To ensure that future operations within the facilities are supported by sustainable manpower levels, skill base and work practices as may be further developed through training opportunities and apprenticeship schemes;

  • To render the Natatorium complex complete and fully operational within 12 months from the signing of the Concession Agreement; and

  • To maximize the spill-over benefits to the Maltese economy through increased investment opportunities and sustainable employment prospect activities.



The Concession for the Design, Build, Maintain and Operate of the Natatorium Complex in Victoria Gozo , is designed to attain the following benefits:

  • To provide a state of the art Natatorium Complex to the local and international sports industry as well as to the local community and general public;

  • To maximise the benefits to the Maltese economy through inter alia increased investment, employment prospects, sports facilities, educational, health and therapeutical opportunities; and

  • To support people recovering from injuries as well as individuals with chronic pain, poor coordination, and medical conditions. A warm pool can be beneficial for deep tissue pain and soreness. Therapies can allow people to stretch and move more deeply in the water to provide benefits that may transfer to dry land as well, such as increased stamina and flexibility.


2 November 2015: Issue of RFP  

6 January 2016: Closing date for requests for Planned Location visits

11 January 2016: Closing date for submission of requests for clarifications

22 January 2016: Replies to clarifications

8 January 2016 : Closing date for the collection of RFP Document

29 January 2016 extended to 29 February 2016: Closing date for the submission of RFP


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