Photovoltaic Systems

Photovoltaic Systems

Request for Proposals:  Concession to Design, Construct, Finance and Maintain Grid-Connected Photovoltaic Systems on the roofs of various schools in Malta.

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Issue of RFP

Wednesday 20th September 2017

Site(s) visits and technical due diligence by Prospective Proponent.​

Wednesday 20th September - Friday 10th November 2017​

Latest date for submission to PU ​of requests for clarification​s by Prospective Proponent

12.00hours (CET), Friday 27th October 2017

Latest date for responses by the PU to requests for clarifications made by Prosepctive Proponent.

16​:00hours (CET), Friday 10th November 2017

Deadline for submission of RFP Proposals​​:​​

12.00hours (CET), Friday 1st December​, 2017

Clarification Queries and Replies

09th November – Clarifications Queries and Replies​


The Government of Malta has announced its intention to proceed with the award of a concession whereby it will be granting Site(s) to a private economic operator under title of temporary emphyteusis for the purposes of the design, construction, financing and maintenance of Grid-Connected Photovoltaic (PV) Systems on the aforementioned Site(s).

PV technology has proven to be one of the most advantageous sources of energy generation. It generates no pollution or greenhouse emissions. Advances in technology have reduced the cost, increased the reliability and increased the efficiency of photovoltaic installations. The Government has a successful history of public and direct initiatives aimed at promoting PV technology in Malta in order to maximize the potential offered by this alternative source of energy.

The main rationale underlying this Concession is that of optimizing the Site(s)’s potential for the generation of solar energy through the design, construction, financing and maintenance of grid-connected PV Systems on the aforementioned by the Successful Proponent. The energy so generated shall be transferred to the grid. 


  • By means of the present RFP and the eventual grant of the contemplated Concession, the Government aims to attain the following strategic benefits:
  • Achieve profitable management of the Site(s) to the satisfaction of the GoM;
  • Contribute towards meeting the GoM’s obligations relative to Renewable Energy Sources by 2020; and
  • Take possession of the Site(s), in a fully operational state, upon the lapse of the Concession Period or earlier termination thereof; 

In taking responsibility for the Site(s) pursuant to the RFP process and the award of the Concession, the Successful Proponent shall be required to:

  • Develop and manage the Site(s) in line with Good Industry Practise and  the Standard issued by Malta Competition and Consumer Affairs Authority, with a view to ensuring long-term sustainability;
  • Develop and manage the Site(s) in compliance with all Maltese and European Union Laws including inter alia, environment and planning legislation in force at the time;
  • Run the Facility in compliance with relevant Maltese and international regulatory standards and in accordance with Good Industry Practise, including but not limited to environment protection, security and occupational health and safety and also to obtain the required permits from the relevant Regulatory Authority;
  • The Successful Proponent shall be required to complete, deliver and commence operations of the facility within three (3) months from the date of signing the Concession Agreement;
  • Throughout the Concession Period the Successful Proponent shall grant free access to representatives of GoM/PU/Regulatory Authority as the case may be for inspections of the Site(s) both during the development and operational phases of the Concession, which inspections shall be carried in full adherence to any Applicable Law; and
  • Within the above-stated objectives the Proponents’ over-arching target shall be able to demonstrate its ability to achieve the best possible overall value for Malta.


The Concession to Design, Construct, Finance and Maintain Photovoltaic Panels on various schools in Malta is intended to provide:

  • Clean green energy during electricity generation which is environmentally friendly;
  • Stable, secure and predictable electrical energy to the grid;
  • Specialised employment, the injection of increased investment to industries in specialised services and generation of adequate employment prospects and business opportunities; and
  • New and innovative work practices and procedures.

General Process

The PU is inviting submissions for the RFP from reputable persons and/or entities with the necessary experience and resources to undertake such task.

It is important that prospective Proponents who are interest in submitting an RFP Proposal to formally register their interest with the PU by sending an email at the email address shown below, expressing their interest to undertake the task.

Once this initial communication takes place, the PU will forward a process letter inviting interested parties to collect an authenticated hardcopy version of the RFP document. The process letter will explain the procedure to be followed. A receipt will be provided to all those who have formally registered their interest and collected an authentic hardcopy version of the RFP document.

Only those who have an official receipt from the PU of their formal registration of their interest and collected an authentic hardcopy version of the RFP document will be permitted to submit an RFP Proposal.

The closing date for prospective Proponents to formally register their interest with the PU (through email) expressing their interest to undertake the task is Thursday 9th November 2017 (23:59hours CET).

The closing date for the submission of the RFP Proposals is Friday 1st December 2017 (12:00hours CET).​