​​Privatisation Unit 

Mission statement: To undertake the Projects assigned to the Privatisation Unit in a transparent and effective manner”.

The Privatisation Unit was set up in June 2000 following the publication by the Government of a White Paper.

The general mandate of the Privatisation Unit is to conduct the privatization of a number of public enterprises as prescribed by Government in a correct and efficient manner. The Privatisation Unit also has a mandate to attain the best terms and conditions both financial and in terms of value added to the national economy when negotiating on behalf of Government in the privatisation of an entity. The mandate to carry out any privatisation process is always a Government decision and the Privatisation Unit adheres to Government direction as to which entities are to be privatised. 

Once a privatisation project is assigned to the Privatisation Unit, a number of advisors are appointed for the process.  In some privatisations only legal and financial advisors are required, but in more complex privatizations, technical advisors are also appointed. The Privatisation Unit together with the advisory team prepares the required documentation and the manner in which the privatisation process will be conducted.

The privatisation processes vary in their execution.  In some instances it is basically the sale of shares. However, in other privatisations it is a concession and a sale and purchase agreement, whilst in others it is a sale of shareholding to a strategic partner followed by listing on the Malta Stock Exchange and an Initial Public Offering subsequently followed by another public offering.

At all times, the key objective is to conduct a privatisation in a correct and efficient manner, in which the best terms and conditions both financial and in terms of value added to the national economy are attained on behalf of Government.

The Privatisation Unit’s key objective is to ensure that Government’s strategic direction for economic growth by fostering public sector investment through the privatisation process is achieved.